Vmux Software

Vmux Software
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Fowler Sylvac Vmux Softwaresupports up to 32 instruments, )max. 32 USB or max. 16 Bluetooth and 16 USB). Fowl Bluetooth connection dongle is required. Vmux Lite is FREE on our website under downloads.

Vmux allows connecting and organizing all the Fowler Sylvac instruments either by USB cable or by Bluetooth. The software allows you to connect up to 32 instruments

• Dongle is required. Up to 8 Bluetooth instruments per dongle
• The FREE version Vmux Lite allows to connect 1 instrument and 1 foot pedal
• The protocol ensures compatibility with all SPC software using the transmission and/or the query data via the COM ports
• Sending data in EXCEL is integrated

Minimum PC Requirements:
• INTEL Core 15 Processor

• 8 GB of RAM

• Windows 7, 8.1 or 10

• Excel 2003 or later