20X Pocket-Scope with .002" reticle

20X Pocket-Scope with .002" reticle
SKU: 526620200


Fowler's Pocket-Scope is available in 20X and 40X magnification with professional quality optics.  It is specially designed to give an undistorted flat field of view larger and brighter than similar magnifiers with its type of power.  Also available is the Micro-lite which is the perfect companion for the Pocket-Scope.  Ideal for toolmakers, inspectors, machinists, field service personnel, designers, artists, printers, jewelers, electricians and photographers.


• Because it has no moving parts, the Pocket-Scope never loses focus.

• Compound lens system of four parts gives accurate readings without adjusting.

• Reticles graduated in .002" or .001".

• Furnished with lifetime guaranty.

• Compact in size—under 5" in length.

• Provides on the job viewing not possible with other microscopes of this type.

• The special beveled opening gathers and focuses light on the workpiece.

• Aluminum alloy shell protects lens system from breakage and comes with a handy clip.

• Price includes case.


Field of View: .190″
Scale Range: 0 - .18″