Carbide "Super Scriber"

Carbide "Super Scriber"
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The Fowler carbide "Super Scriber" is another example of high quality Swiss workmanship—long lasting, durable, reliable, and lightweight and rugged.


• The slightly tapered shape and small diameter of the carbide metal scriber tip 1⁄16"(1.5mm) make it easy to use the "Super Scriber" in hard-to-get-at places.

• When in its retracted position, the scriber tip is protected.

• A handy clip provided for easy portability.

• The end piece is hardened and tempered, and the carbide point is easily replaced.

• Knurled handle for a firm grip.

• Overall length 6-1⁄2".

• Replaceable carbide refills are available.

• A plastic protective package is supplied.