12"/300mm Master Vernier Caliper

12"/300mm Master Vernier Caliper
SKU: 520850120


The Fowler line of Master Vernier Calipers—in sizes up to 60"/1500mm—permit easy inch and metric measurement of larger workpieces.

These calipers are of the highest quality and accuracy to ensure the utmost in vernier measurement.  The complete range of sizes assures you of the perfect choice necessary for your precision applications.

• Satin chrome finish on all models.
• Hardened stainless steel throughout; ground and lapped for accuracy.
• Extra long vernier scales have wide spaced microfine graduations on satin chrome finish to ensure easy reading.
• Machine divided and engraved from master for exceptional accuracy.
• A raised sliding surface prevents wear and defacement of microfine graduations.
• Verniers are adjustable for wear.
• Open face design permits both vernier scales to be located on one side of the gage for both inside and outside measurements.
• All sizes permit inside and outside measurements
• For larger workpieces, the long jaws permit greater accessibility and easier measurements.
• All sizes meet or exceed U.S. Federal specifications for accuracy
• Includes case

• Larger sizes available upon request


Range: 12″/300mm
Graduation: 0.001″/.02mm
Internal Jaw Width: 0.5″
Jaw Depth: 3″