Terms: 1% 15 net 30

Freight policy: FOB shipping point

Price changes: Orders are accepted only on the basis that they will be shipped at prices in effect at the time of order. We reserve the right to change prices and specifications.

Damaged goods policy: In the event of errors, shortages and/or damages notify our company upon receipt of goods. An automated Return Material Authorization (RMA) system is available at http://www.fowlerprecision.com/.

Claims: The responsibility of this Company ends when goods are sold and delivery is made by the  transportation company.  However, we will strive to locate lost material from the  transportation company on behalf of our customers. In the United States and Canada, lost shipment claims must be made 10 days from the date of the invoice. Foreign countries must submit their claims within 60 days of invoice date. In the event of errors and shortages, notify our Company upon receipt of goods.  In the case of honest clerical or other errors on the part of distributors or their customers, we will accept catalog items for return, at our discretion if requested within 10 days of receipt of invoice.

Returns: Before any merchandise is returned, an RMA request must be completed on our web site http://www.fowlerprecision.com for a return goods authorization number. Merchandise returned for credit must be in A-1 saleable condition, listed in our current catalog, with the original invoice number, all test and calibration certificates, instructions and contained in its original packaging. Returns not in original packaging will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking charge. Returns authorized by Fowler will be subject to a 15% restocking charge- without exception. Goods returned without authorization will be either refused/returned/or accepted with a 25% restocking charge.  Should goods be returned for any reason, transportation charges must be prepaid by the customer, and the customer must use the shipping label and packing slip created by the Fowler automated RMA system on the website http://www.fowlerprecision.com.

Warranty: Fowler High Precision warrants all of the products it sells and ships in the United States & Canada for 12 months from the date of shipment sold directly or through an authorized distributor.  If the product is in the possession of the original purchaser, we will replace or repair, the product at our option, which upon examination is found to be defective in workmanship or material, provided the product is returned to Fowler High Precision, along with satisfactory documentation that the product has been used and maintained, and where applicable, installed in accordance with Fowler instructions, and has not been subject to abuse. Extended warranties are provided on selected Fowler products.

Under no circumstances shall Fowler High Precision be held liable for any damages, physical or monetary, directly, indirectly or circumstantially related to defective materials, workmanship or performance. All tools and instruments must be initially and periodically inspected and maintained by qualified personnel to insure they are accurate and in proper operating condition.

IMPORTANT: Fowler will not be responsible for tools that have been deformed, chipped, misaligned, rusted, marred, stamped or etched. Credit or replacement will not be issued. Additions or modifications made on any tool will not be our liability unless written permission was given by our Company.

Fowler reserves the right to sell products direct, including but not limited to used, obsolete, overstock and engineered capital equipment products and to sell direct to educational institutions, governments, OEM users.

These policies supersede any and all policies previously issued.