THV Horizontal Measuring System with standard table

THV Horizontal Measuring System with standard table
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The Fowler/Trimos innovative horizontal instrument that fulfills current quality requirements for many applications.

Multiple accessories ensure versatile applications for checking all types of gages such as plug gages, ring gages, thread plug gages, lever dial indicators, etc. as well as precision manufactured parts. Measuring range 2" and Application range 4".

High accuracy is guaranteed by perfect instrument construction and the Heidenhain measuring system. The simplicity of the instrument and its ease of use allows precise and quick performance of all measurements.

Adjustable Measuring Force is suitable for measuring thread members utilizing the 3 wire method.

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• Overall application range using standard probes
External Measurement: 0-4″/0-100mm
Internal Measurement: .4-4″/10-100mm
• Scale Range (travel): Absolute display over 2″/50mm
• Maximum error: 0.000016″ (.4µm) 
 **Environment must be 20°C +/-0.2°, and 50% RH**
• Resolution on Heidenhain ND 287: 0.00001″, 0.000001″, 0.001, 0.0001 or 0.00002mm
• Repeatability: 0.000005″ ±2s (.1µm)
• Adjustable measuring force: 0 to 12N (0-40 oz.)

QMSOFT software is the perfect calibration and data management tool for use with this product!