zCAT Loc-N-Load Quick-Swap Fixture System

zCAT Loc-N-Load Quick-Swap Fixture System
SKU: 549501750



Further enhance the value of the zCAT with the LEAN, quick-swap Loc-N-Load Fixture System. Install zCAT onto the unique Loc-N-Load base and start inspecting on the shop floor or nearest conference table. Interlocking fixture plates quickly secure and release with the use of magnets creating highly repeatable setups.


• Create multiple fast-swap setups for your zCAT, CMMs, vision systems, gage arms and height gages

• Ready-made interlocking plates make low-cost fixtures

• Inspect more parts per shift, even with less-skilled inspectors

• Easily access your granite

• Use as dedicated tooling — add to job box

Complete Bundle Set (54-950-175-0) Includes:

4 Cross-Blow Clamps

4 D-Block Stop

2 Trigger-Block Clamps

12 Silver-Bullet, 4 sets/3

2 V-Block Sets

4 Steel Shaft / Stand-off

2 Trigger-Finger

2 Hole Adjuster

7 Simple-Stop Rails, 1 set / 7

30 Hex Keys, plus assorted screws