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Fowler Tool Presetter 54-188-300-0

SKU: 541883000

This item is currently on back order and will be available shortly.

Quick checking of heights and diameters (radius) of all kinds of tools such as ISO, BT, HSK, VDIA etc. is guaranteed by a fixed precise steel measuring column with displacement devices in coordinates (X/Z) and constant measuring force.

Tool Holding Spindle
Tool presetter is supplied with high precision imported ball cage bearing (Grade 0). High precision spindle has:
• Less than 2 µm concentricity error
• No need of additional setting master due to integrated calibration point on the spindle for both axis

Additional Features
• Counter balanced measuring carriage
• Constant measuring force of horizontal measuring arm ensures high accuracy
• High precision Sylvac measuring system

• MIN/MAX function
• 2 reference indications
• Measuring value display
• Function for PRESET value and TOLERANCE value inputs
• Tolerance mode indication
• Measuring unit (MM/INCH) indication
• Low battery warning indication
• Display hold
• Output - OPTO RS232 for each axis
• Floating zero function
• Carbide measuring insert
• Accepts measuring probes with 8mm shank

Diameter/Radius Measurement:
/5.9" (300/150mm)
Presetter Accuracy:                           Z axis = 0.00078″/0.02mm
Y axis = 0.00039″/0.01mm
Spindle Runout:
Resolution:                                        0.00005″/0.001mm
Weight (Approx.):                             75 lbs. / 34 kg.
Spindle Taper:                                   ISO 50
Data Output:                                     OPTO RS232 Compatible (2)
Battery:                                             (2) Lithium, 3V type CR2032, life 4000 hts. approx.