Tool Presetter

Tool Presetter
SKU: 541883000


Quick checking of heights and diameters (radius) of all kinds of tools such as ISO, BT, HSK, VDIA etc. is guaranteed by a fixed precise steel measuring column with displacement devices in coordinates (X/Z) and constant measuring force.

Tool Holding Spindle
Tool presetter is supplied with high precision imported ball cage bearing (Grade 0). High precision spindle has:
• Less than 2 µm concentricity error
• No need of additional setting master due to integrated calibration point on the spindle for both axis

Additional Features
• Counter balanced measuring carriage
• Constant measuring force of horizontal measuring arm ensures high accuracy
• High precision Sylvac measuring system

• MIN/MAX function
• 2 reference indications
• Measuring value display
• Function for PRESET value and TOLERANCE value inputs
• Tolerance mode indication
• Measuring unit (MM/INCH) indication
• Low battery warning indication
• Display hold
• Output - OPTO RS232 for each axis
• Floating zero function
• Carbide measuring insert
• Accepts measuring probes with 8mm shank



Diameter/Radius Measurement:
/5.9" (300/150mm)
Presetter Accuracy:                           Z axis = 0.00078″/0.02mm
Y axis = 0.00039″/0.01mm
Spindle Runout:
Resolution:                                        0.00005″/0.001mm
Weight (Approx.):                             75 lbs. / 34 kg.
Spindle Taper:                                   ISO 50
Data Output:                                     OPTO RS232 Compatible (2)
Battery:                                             (2) Lithium, 3V type CR2032, life 4000 hts. approx.