Venture PLUS XT - CNC

Venture PLUS XT - CNC
39.4"/1000mm x 47.2"/1200mm x 31.5"/800mm
SKU: 543041120



Standard XT CNC Vision System Features:
• 1.9µm first term accuracy
• Granite table and Y Axis rail
• Non-contact linear motors
• Integral 6.5:1 CNC zoom optics
• Teach and repeat programming
• Programmable segmented LED lighting
• High resolution 0.1µm scales for increased accuracy
• Optional CAD import/export
• DXF scanning and best fitting
• Fully dimensioned part view
• SPC included
• One click output to ExcelTM
• Autofocus
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Integrated machine stand and adjustable dual monitor mounting arm with keyboard and mouse
• Driveless, linear motor technology reduces service requirements

• 12:1 zoom optics
• Renishaw SP25 scanning probe
• Renishaw TP20 kit touch probe
• Various probe changer options
• Program from CAD
• CAD compare

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