Fowler, Baty

SM350 - FT2 - E Vertical Optical Comparator with 27" FUSION Touch Screen DRO Optical Edge Sensor and 14" Screen

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Fowler Baty SM350 - FT2 - E Vertical Optical Comparator with 27" FUSION Touch Screen DRO, Optical Edge Sensor and 14" Screen - 53-900-354-0

This vertical 14"/350mm bench optical comparator features a large, heavy duty high precision workstage with 250mm x 125mm measuring range and 0.5 micron resolution. Another feature is the option of a three lens turret for instant lens changes without re-calibration.

• Fully usable 350mm screen
• Digital screen protractor
• Built in helix adjustment
• Sturdy all-steel design
• Heavy duty cross roller bearings
• Quick release ‘X’ and ‘Y’ travel
• Easy-view vertical screen
• Large stage travel 250mm (10") x 125mm (5")
• Rotating chart clips
• Fibre optic illumination for surface measurement
• 0.5 micron resolution

Available Options
• Automatic screen-mounted edge sensing (FT2-E model only)
• Heavy duty cabinet stand
• 3-position rotating lens turret

    Optical Comparator Type - SM350                                                                                                       
   Magnification                                                   10x               20x              25x            50x          100x  
   Field Of View                                                   35mm           17mm          14mm        7mm        3mm
   Working Distance                                            84mm           37mm          29mm        17mm      41mm
   Maximum Half Field                                        220mm         162mm        52mm         51mm     140mm
   Working Diameter Full Field                           171mm         130mm         75mm        37mm      97mm
   Maximum Height Object                                 114mm         113mm         106mm      111mm     103mm

    LENS SYSTEMS                                                 
   Part Number                    Description
53-900-860-0                    Magnification 10x
   53-900-860-1                    Magnification 20x
   53-900-862-0                    Magnification 25x
   53-900-863-0                    Magnification 50x

   53-900-864-0                    Magnification 100x
*Lens Systems must be ordered separately

*Image shown for representational purposes only.