Fowler, Sylvac

0-16"/400mm Hi_Gage One Electronic Height Gage

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Fowler-Sylvac's new Hi_Gage One Electronic Height Gage features a proven electronic scale that is not affected by oil, dust, chips or shock.

• Scale not affected by oil, dust, chips, magnetism, shock, etc.

• Direct RS-232 output

• The Sylvac measuring system is exceptionally fast (60"per second traverse) and is the most reliable and maintenance free system ever created for measurement.

• Customizable with free software

• True inch/metric conversion

• Accuracy: .002"/50µm

• Resolution: .0005"/.01mm

• Repeatability: .0004"/10µm

• Base Size: 5.6" wide X 6.8" length

• 8mm probe shank

• Probe size memory and directional sensing allow diameter and slot width measurement.

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