The Fowler High Precision Technical Support Department handles a variety of customer inquiries including technical support questions, engineering assistance , computer connectivity and special application consultation and quoting. Contact Fowler Technical Support when you have questions regarding our premium electronic instruments, measuring solutions, computer interfacing and complex metrology questions.

Contact one of our Technical Support Staff below.

Shiva K Pennathur

Shiva has worked on project management teams in research and academic
organizations. He supports the quote process for special orders, locating
spares and parts lists, and resolving any technical questions you may have
with handheld equipment. He can also help you with questions on equipment
specifications and operation. Give Shiva a call at (800) 788-2353 ext. 346.

Limar Wies

Limar is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 3 years experience working with all Fowler systems. He will be your main point of contact for anything Trimos-related, but he's happy to get to the bottom of whatever you have to throw at him otherwise. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Limar at (617) 332-7004 ext. 342