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Helping Students Measure Up

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

Fowler High Precision believes in the power of education. For this reason we do everything possible to encourage and help students to gain knowledge about measurement and metrology. 
 When Dean Duplessis, the instructor of the Precision Machining Technology (PMT) program at Northern Maine Community College approached us for a donation, Fowler High Precision was glad to help. 
 “I spent a great deal of time talking with various manufacturers to see what they might be interested in doing from an educational standpoint,” said Dean Duplessis. “Fowler High Precision stepped up in a big way by providing two height gages. One was donated outright and the other was sold at a very deep educational discount.” 
Fowler’s offerings of both a Trimos V-600 electronic height gage and Sylvac Hi-Cal 150 electronic height gage will help the school augment the PMT program with some cutting edge technology. Both these units are famous not only their incredible accuracy, but also their ease of use and multifunctionality.
“Thanks to Dean Duplessis’ reputation in the industry as an excellent instructor, NMCC has benefitted by a number of important equipment donations,” explained Tim Crowley, President of Northern Maine Community College. “The partnerships forged by Dean have made it possible for our Precision Machining Technology program to keep pace with the ever-evolving equipment demands of the industry. Because we have been able to acquire state-of-the-art equipment, our students are well prepared to offer exceptional skills to employers in this field.” 
 Better education positively effects business and the economy. Unfortunately, it is often hard for schools to keep up with and implement many of these ever-changing technologies. This is where businesses should step up and offer schools and students products, expertise and help. Fowler High Precision would like to encourage other businesses to help where they can. Today’s students are tomorrows professionals and decision makers, helping them now helps everyone in the future.