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ezLCD Drives Ease Of Use in World's First Portable CMM

"This is something we can train any operator how to do, any inspector, any machinist or anybody who knows a little bit about the part they are making they will be able to come in and measure it. You do not have to be a highly trained educated programmer to be able to use a coordination machine in computer control. We can teach any employee hot to use it. It's accurate and very simple to use. The zCat is capable of doing difficult 3 dimensional dimensions. It can do a cone, an internal sphere. That's how quick we can measure a part with the new zCat Portable DCC CMM."

Fowler Vid. "zCat demonstration video". Youtube.

Q: What prompted the development of this new product?
A: "Homer Eaton (Inventor) always felt there was a market for a completely portable DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine in the manufacturing world. He started to develop it over 5 years ago in Carlsbad, CA. This will be a Made in USA product should be available for full production delivery by March 2015." 

Q: How did the partnership develop?
A: "I started to work with Homer over four years ago on this project. Because of our many years of promoting and selling "Shop Floor" inspection equipment it seemed like a perfect fit for Fowler to introduce this to the inspection world. For years we have been helping quality departments solve their inspection problems. This was always an area that was missing and no cost effective solution available. A truly portable DCC coordinate measuring machine that we could train ANY operator to use and program! No "formal" training needed! Fowler has the technical sales staff to do this along with an outstanding Dealer Network already supporting the inspection world." 

Q: Who is your target market for selling these products?
A: "The target market consists of almost any hi-tech manufacturer who wants to inspect their parts right on the shop floor or in their own inspection area. Being able to utilize almost any of their operators to do this. From Fortune 100 companies to the small machine shop and everyone in between." 

Q: What is one major highlight of this product that makes it different from any other product?
A: "Completely portable, DCC coordinate measuring machine, easy to use with excellent accuracy."

 If you are interested in purchasing the new zCat Portable DCC CMM please contact:

Jeff Petersen 
Vice President of Sales
 Fowler High Precision
66 Rowe Street 
Newton, MA 02466 

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