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Fowler Xtra-TRI PLUS Square Set 52-432-100-0

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Perfect for set up and layout work, measuring and marking lines and angles, center finding, offsets, height setting, and squareness checking. Used for metal working, wood working, fabrication, construction, automotive, drafting, engineering and more.

Set includes:
•  4" and 7" squares with embedded base magnets for horizontal and vertical position holding with 0.005" squareness accuracy and 0.0015" scale accuracy
• 6" steel beveled edge square with 1/32" graduations and protective sleeve
• Carbide tipped scriber
• Fitted case included

• The pivot location on the base allows the marking of various angles from the edge of a surface. Pre-marked angles for fast reference. Center triangles are set for 30 and 45 degree angles.
• The blades are offset in the base at 1/4" and 3/8" from edges for fast offsets
• Holes are located every 1/8" along the blade for easy parallel line marking. Just place your marker in the hole and move the base along an edge for a straight, parallel line.
• Anodized aluminum bases with embedded magnet have 1/32" graduations, stainless steel, satin chrome, blades (2mm thickness) with high precision laser etching on both sides
• 1 degree graduations are marked along the angular side of the blade for quick angle settings and measurements
• A carbide tipped scriber allows you to mark steel easy and accurately