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Sylcom Standard and Sylcom Advanced Software Bundle

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Fowler Sylvac Sylcom Softwareis a brand NEW software designed specifically for our USB and Bluetooth Sylvac tools with expanding capabilities in the form of add-ons. Each package will be supplied with a USB dongle license key, allowing the software to be used on different computers as long as the license key is present

Fowler Sylvac
Sylcom Standard and Sylcom Advanced Software BUNDLE
Includes both Sylcom standard and Sylcom advanced software

Sylvac Sylcom Standard Features:
• Connect up to 16 instruments at once

• Create unlimited channels and pages, with optional automatic page changing triggered by instrument movement

• Choose from many different display modes, with the added ability to resize and orient displayed channels

• Tolerance and control limit displays options

• Combine instruments and channels in simple formula functions such as A + B

• Automatic recording of values on a timer function

• Export data into Excel files directly

• Manage several user accounts and their access rights

• Customize individual instrument option menus

• Upload background images in jpegs or bmp formats

Sylvac Sylcom Advanced Software Add-OnFeatures:
• Increase tool capacity up to 128 tools, 40 of which are Bluetooth
• Allow use of M-Bus modules (requires MB-RS)
• Flatness and personalized formular creation with automatic selection of instruments

Minimum PC Requirements:
• INTEL Core 15 Processor
• 8 GB of RAM
• Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
• Excel 2003 or later