Scan F60L with expanded length measurement

Scan F60L with expanded length measurement
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The Measuring Solution for Turned Parts!

The Fowler/Sylvac SCAN, developed to measure even the most demanding of cylindrical parts. All new camera and optics,  based on years of experience in this field, offering superior image processing, speed  and quality.

NEW attractive design for use on the shop floor, with a new enclosure, complete with a door and safety light curtain, integrated calibration master, temperature sensors for environmental control and large LED status light.

Easy to use with the renowned “Reflex-Click” technology, offering part recognition, auto-measure and cycle start, all at the push of a button. NEW ergonomically designed work-holding, with quick release tooling for rapid part change overs. New modern software layout,  offering new features including, dust filters, graphical statistics view, dynamic results for quick, easy analysis, and more .....

• Complete 2D part scan in less than 3 seconds

• Reduce inspection time

• Reduce scrap

• Increase productivity

• Save money

• Quick return of investment, typically less than 6 months

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Measuring Range: 0.2 - 64mm Diameter, 500mm Length
Resolution: 0.0001mm
Accuracy: 1 + D/100 µm, 3 + L/200 µm
Repeatability: 0.5 µm Diameter, 2 µm Length
Maximum Part Weight: 10kg
Part Rotation: Yes
Tilting for Thread Meas.: No
Advanced Programming: Yes