SCAN S145XL-P with Renishaw SP25M 3D Probe

SCAN S145XL-P with Renishaw SP25M 3D Probe
5.7"/145mm Diameter, 68.9"/1750mm Length
SKU: 549021458

NEW application with 3D probe: the addition of the Renishaw SP25M probe offers a multi-sensor solution for characteristics not visible with optics.



Our S145 machines can now be equipped with a 3D probe allowing precise measurement of shafts with blind features such as holes and slots. Ideal solution for runout, form, and features.

New Application with 3D probe
The addition of the Renishaw SP25M probe offers a multi-sensor solution for characteristics not visible with optics.

The Fowler Sylvac SCAN S145, S145L and S145XL are suitable for larger parts up to 5.7"/145mm diameter and 68.9"/1750mm length. They come equipped with the advanced Reflex-Scan+ software and are automation ready.

• Part measurement up to 145mm diameter and up to 1750mm length
• Fast, accurate, repeatable, reliable measurements of cylindrical parts
• Full part measurement in just a few seconds
• Easy-to-use software for operator use on the shop floor
• One-click measurement, part recognition, auto measure
• Advanced and custom software features for complex parts
• Offline software and programming from CAD
• Full measurement reports and SPC compatible
• Automation ready
• Motorized tailstock
• Reduce inspection time, reduced scrap and save money!

Benefits with the 3D Probe:
Complete measurement with a single system
Seamless integration with combined sensor measurements
Easy programming thanks to user-friendly functions
Full touch probe scanning capability for measuring form
Interchangeable probe stylus increased access
• Automated probe qualification routine
• Typical measurements include : hole and slot size, location and form, roundness, radial and axial runout


• Instrument according to technical specifications
• 2 Adapters for Morse 2, rotating center 42mm 54-902-638-0 and drive center 54-902-621-0
• Computer with screen, keyboard and mouse
• Windows multilingual operating system
• Sylvac Reflex SCAN+ software
• Plastiform case for optical machines
• Manual


Measuring Range:5.7"/145mm Diameter, 68.9"/1750mm Length
Accuracy:(1.5 + D/100µm) Diameter / (4 + L/200) Length
Repeatability:0.5 Diameter / 1.0µm Length
Holding Capacity:7.87"/200mm* Diameter, 68.9"/1750mm Length
Axial Positioning Speed:up to 6.3"/160mm
Measuring Volume Of Probe:PX : 615 / PY : +60, -40 / PZ : +130, -15
Maximum Part Weight:220 lbs./100 kg.
Machine Weight:1801 lbs./817 kg.
*with 3D probe