Metric Bore Gage Setting Master Kit

Metric Bore Gage Setting Master Kit
SKU: 736460100



Fowler's Bore Gage Setting Master Kit is used for accurately setting any bore gage up to 6"/150mm in diameter to an accuracy of 0.0001"/0.003mm

Each Set includes:

Setting Device

• Base anvil: 2.750" x .80"

• Adjustable anvil 2.375" x .375" (two each)

• Internal capacity: 6"/150mm

• Depth capacity: 1"/25mm

• Centralizer capacity width: 2.625"/66.7mm

• Quick-release holder for fast adjustment.

• Can also be used of external setting, depending on application (external mics, snap gages, caliper gages)

Economy Gage Block Set

Inch model:

• 36 piece set

• Tolerances to ±.00005"

• Certificate of Calibration to N.I.S.T.