R400 - FT2 - E Horizontal Optical Comparator with 27" FUSION Touch Screen DRO Opt. Edg

R400 - FT2 - E Horizontal Optical Comparator with 27" FUSION Touch Screen DRO Opt. Edg
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Fowler Baty  R400 - FT2 - E  Horizontal Optical Comparator
with 27" FUSION Touch Screen DRO, Optical Edge Sensor and 16" Screen - 53-900-900-0


The Fowler Baty R400 bench mount optical comparator with its 400mm screen combines high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection with a large 300mm x 150mm measuring range.


Choice of digital readouts and optional automatic profile edge detection ensures that you can have the projector that fits your requirements. The horizontal light path configuration is ideally suited to turned machined parts that can be secured to the workstage using a range of optional accessories from the Fowler Baty fixture family. The robust design of the R400 makes it suitable for both the shop floor and the standards room.


• Windows based measuring with full reporting options, SPC, CAD import/export
• Optical edge sensor included
• 16"/400mm screen with 90º crosslines and chart clips
• Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter
• Lens magnification choice: 10x, 20x, 25x, 50x and 100x
• Surface illumination (fibre optic)
• Helix adjustment of light source for accurate thread form projection
• Workstage with two machined slots for holding accessories
• Workstage measuring range of 300mm (12") x 150mm (6")
• Digital angle measurement to 1 minute
• 0.5 micron resolution


Available Options
• Internally fitted automatic edge sensor (FT2-E model only)
• Swing over lamphouse to allow clear access to the workstage
• Various display units to suit individual requirements
• Cabinet stand ensures a solid base and provides storage
• Other options include foot switch control

    Optical Comparator Type - R400                                           
   Magnification               10x      20x      25x      50x      100x
   Field of view                40        20        16        8          4
   Working distance          80        82        70       53         43
   Maximum                    184      103       80       45         96
   Working diameter         179      176      181      147       122

    LENS SYSTEMS                                                                         
   Part Number                     Description
53-900-987-1                     Magnification 10x
   53-900-988-1                     Magnification 20x
   53-900-990-1                     Magnification 50x

   53-900-991-1                     Magnification 100x

*Image shown for representational purposes only