Spline Gaging

Spline Gaging
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As the world’s leading bore gage manufacturer, we offer a range of both standard and bespoke solutions for precision spline measurement.

Each of these application heads can be fitted directly to our Bluetooth XT range of internal micrometers in seconds for fast, efficient use with incredibly accurate results that can be digitally recorded.



• XT or Ultima systems available
• 2 point between pin most popular. Also available with carbide ball contact
• 3 point also available with irregular spacing if necessary
• Heads for Major and Minor dia. available
• Popular sizes held in stock for quick delivery
• Calibrate from standard plain rings
• Interchangeable with standard heads
• Negates the need for many different hard gages, incl. pre/post plate, pre/post
• H/T, different classes, etc. Massively reduces annual gage calibration costs
• External spline frames available