XTD3 Electronic Holemike Bluetooth 3.250" - 4"/80 - 100mm

XTD3 Electronic Holemike Bluetooth 3.250" - 4"/80 - 100mm
SKU: 54367028BT


The Fowler-Bowers Bluetooth XTD3 Digital Internal Micrometers have been designed to further simplify the accurate measurement of bores. All XT instruments offer fixed anvils. Sizes above 1"/25mm offer extended travel. They are available as individual instruments or in complete sets.

• Larger easy-to-read display

• Direct inch/metric conversion

• 4 Preset memories

• Ratchet stop for consistent measurement

• Resolution: .00005"/.001mm

• Proximity and USB connectivity

• Heads with special anvils available for threads, splines, slots, etc.

• Setting rings included in all sets

• Includes UKAS certificates for micrometer, heads and setting rings

• Special anvils available

Bluetooth Electronic Holemike XTD3 - Individual sizes (includes head, handle and ring)

Contact the Fowler Technical Department for special anvil applications


3 Point Heads
Range:3.250 - 4″/80 - 100mm
Accuracy: 0.00020″/0.005mm
Depth: 3.94″/100mm