Venture Touch - 3030

Venture Touch - 3030
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Fowler Baty Venture Touch - 3030
Venture manual with motorized Z and autofocus, Fusion Touch software, (X) 11.8"/300mm x (Y) 11.8"/300mm x (Z) 7.8"/200mm measuring range

The highly successful Venture range includes both manual and full CNC systems that cover two standard measuring ranges.

Venture Touch 3D
This advanced Vision system combines a manually operated X-Y measuring stage with a motorized Z axis. The advantage of this is that the servo motor driven Z axis can provide the all-important autofocus function for Z axis measurement without operator influence.
Suitable for the shop floor, the rugged design features a steel / granite stand with fully integrated PC controller running Fowler Baty's 3 axis touch screen software - Fusion Touch. The full HD touch screen is mounted on an adjustable arm and the software is arranged in a portrait layout for ease of use.

FUSION Touch software features full geometric functionality so circles, lines arcs and points can be measured using dedicated tools. Data points are automatically taken along the edge of the feature using video edge detection, then all measurements are automatically saved, should the inspection need to be replayed for a batch of parts.
All measured features appear in the part view where they can be selected for dimensioning resulting in a dimensioned part view that can be printed or exported to CAD. Tolerances are set for each dimension so that the final inspection reports can classify each dimension as a pass or fail.

Inspection playback
During this process the operator is guided through the inspection routine via the graphical part view. Once the stage has been positioned so that the feature appears in the camera’s view, the Video Edge Detection tools take over and measure the feature automatically. If features are on different planes, the Z axis drives under CNC control to the correct position as defined by the original inspection. All lighting and magnification conditions are also recorded and re-created as each feature is visited. The end result is a highly repeatable process with no operator influence, at a manual system price.

The programmable LED lighting is also controlled using the touch screen. Segmented surface illumination, through the lens and profile lighting conditions can be adjusted to ensure that the feature edge is perfectly illuminated.

• High resolution 0.5µm scales for increased accuracy
• 6.5:1 zoom optics (with optional CNC control)
• Optional 12x zoom optics
• Programmable segmented LED lighting system
• Z axis dovetail slide mount for increased Z axis capacity
• High precision cross-roller stage
• Ultra-smooth plain rod drives
• Auto video edge detection tools
• Motorized autofocus for z-axis measurement



XYZ Measuring Range:                 9.8"/250mm x 4.9"/125mm x 6.1"/155mm
Workstage Area:                           464mm x 462mm
Max Workpiece Load:                  55 lb/ 25 kg
Drive Type                                   Manual
Max Dive Speed                          100mm/sec
Bearings                                      Cross roller rail guide
Camera Type                                 2048 x 1590 pixel color USB2 camera with 8 x 9mm chip and dynamic latch
Optics/Lighting                             6.5:1 detent zoom lens. Fully programmable software controlled white LED segmented surface lighting head with understage and  through the lens (TTL) lighting as standard
Resolution                                   0.0005mm
Accuracy                                        2 + L/100
Max Field of View                       16mm (using optional 0.5x adapter lens)
Magnification                             Optical zoom ratio 27x - 175x on 17" monitor with digital zoom enhancement to over 1200x
Touch Probe Option Available    Yes
Probe Type                                 Renishaw TP20