R600 Horizontal Optical Comparator with Heidenhain Touch Screen Readout - 14" Screen

R600 Horizontal Optical Comparator with Heidenhain Touch Screen Readout - 14" Screen
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Fowler Baty R600 - XLS Horizontal Optical Comparator with Acu-rite DC 102 Readout - 14" Screen - 53-900-960-0

The Fowler Baty R600 with its 24"/600mm screen and high specification presents the capability to make simple comparative non-contact measurement through to complex programmed measuring sequences with SPC capability and automatic edge detection.
The horizontal light beam configuration is ideally suited to large machined or turned workpieces for mounting in vee blocks and centres.

• 24"/600mm screen with 90º cross lines and chart clips
• Heavy duty workstage with 18"/450mm x 8"/200mm measuring range and 2 machine slots for workpiece holders
• Angular rotation of ± 15º on workstage for measuring threadforms or cutting tools
• Vertical 8"/200mm Y axis power driven with joystick control
• Lens magnification choice - 5x (single lens mount), 10x, 20x, 25x, 50x, 100x
• 4 position rotating lens turret for ease of lens changing (excluding 5x)
• Profile illumination with halogen lamp and green filter
• Screen hood and curtains for use in bright ambient light conditions
• Surface illumination (fibre optic)
• Digital angle measurement
• 0.5 micron resolution

Available Options
• Horizontal axis motorization via joystick control
• Internally fitted automatic edge sensor to allow the use of overlay charts on an unobstructed screen
• Various display units are available to suit individual requirements
• SPC to add to your quality control without the purchase of a separate system (FT2-E only)
• 5x lens system as a single lens mount only

    Optical Comparator Type - R600                                                                                                                                             
   Magnification             5x                       10x                     20x                      25x                     50x                    100X
   Field of view              4.72"/120mm      2.36"/60mm        1.18"/30mm        0.94"/24mm        0.47"/12mm       1.72"/6mm
   Working distance      9.64"/245mm      5.31"/135mm       5.19"/132mm     4.17"/106mm      3.15"/93mm        1.96"/50mm
   Maximum                  9.64"/245mm      13.50"/343mm    13.50"/343mm   13.50"/343mm    13.50"/343mm     7.75"/195mm
   Working diameter     18.98"/406mm     13.50"/343mm    13.50"/343mm   13.50"/343mm    13.50"/343mm    9.50"/235mm

    LENS SYSTEMS                                                 
   Part Number                     Description
53-900-185-1                     Magnification 10x
   53-900-185-2                     Magnification 20x
   53-900-185-3                     Magnification 25x
   53-900-185-4                     Magnification 50x

   53-900-185-5                     Magnification 100x
*Lens Systems must be ordered separately

*Image shown for representational purposes only