Horizon 1000 Linear Drive CMM (Mark 3)

Horizon 1000 Linear Drive CMM (Mark 3)
(X) 1000mm x (Y) 2000mm x (Z) 800mm


Horizon - (X) 1000mm x (Y) 2000mm x (Z) 800mm

Starting the linear drive revolution

The Horizon breaks new ground in design and innovation using frictionless linear drives, which are the key to its fast and exceptionally smooth motion.

The kinematic isolated drive structure is completely independent of the CMM structure and ensures that the motor thrust is directed through the centre of gravity of the moving parts. This not only avoids acceleration induced metrology errors but also has the effect of thermally isolating the motors from the metrology structure of the CMM.

Linear motors are non-contact and therefore have no wearing parts and thus provide the perfect solution for CMM drives, improving reliability and reducing maintenance. The Horizon is a standout machine with fast, smooth, silent motion ideally suited to contact scanning and with a first-term accuracy specification of under two microns.


• The most accurate machine in the Fowler FUSION range. First term volumetric error specification under 2μm.
• Linear motors offer frictionless, smooth, silent motion
• No wearing parts means greater reliability and reduced maintenance
• Drives applied through the centre of gravity improves both speed and accuracy
• Thermal isolation of motors from the metrology structure avoids thermally induced metrology errors
• Smooth motion allows fast and accurate contact scanning
• Automatic temperature compensation ensures that measurement results are reported as if they had been measured at 20°C

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Technical Specifications
Measuring VolumeX - 39.4"/1000mm
Y - 78.7"/2000mm
Z - 31.5"/800mm
Overall Size
(without monitor)
X - 63.1"/1603mm
Y - 103.5"/2630mm
Z - 124.4"/3160mm
AccuracyTP20 (1.9 + L/250) µm
TP200 (1.8 + L/250) µm
SP25M (1.75 + L/250) µm
Scale Resolution0.00001"/0.0001mm
TableSolid Granite
Table Load Capacity2200 lbs./1000 kg.
Max. Velocity Vector1000mm/sec
Max. Acceleration Vector1000mm/sec2
Air Consumption65 I/min (1.8 cfm)
Required Air Pressure5 bar (72 psi)