Fowler 31"/800mm Light Line Electronic Caliper 54-112-030-0

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Fowler Light Line, light weight, long range electronic calipers. A light weight frame with stainless steel jaws make this a great caliper that reduces fatigue from long periods of use. Both jaws are moveable enabling you to balance the caliper for a comfortable measuring position or adjust it to meet certain applications where space is limited.

• Light weight beam made of oxide coated aluminum with double inner prismatic guide ways for optimal guidance and sliding characteristics

• Stainless steel jaws, hardened and finely ground with knife edge top jaws

• Jaws are adjustable and exchangeable

• Spare jaws can be modified and exchanged with standard jaws for special applications

• Both jaws are moveable to any position on the main beam

• Electronics feature on/off, floating zero and direct in/mm conversion

• 0.0005"/.01mm resolution and repeatability

• Uses 1 LR44 silver oxide battery (1 spare included)

• Includes a fitted case, instructions and test certificate

• Replacement jaws available in 3.5/4.9/5.9" (Special order)

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Range: 0-31″/800mm
Accuracy: 0.002″/0.06mm
Resolution: 0.0005″/0.01mm
Repeatability: 0.0005″/0.01mm