Fowler 0.030"/0.80mm BLUETOOTH QuadraTest Multimode Electronic Test Indicator 54-562-777-BT

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The Fowler BLUETOOTH QuadraTest is the perfect solution for test indicating applications!


• Bluetooth connectivity to your phone or tablet
• IP65 protected against fluid and dust
• 4 measuring modes: Min, Max, TIR and Direct
• 4 measuring resolutions - 0.00005"/0.001mm or 0.0005"/0.01mm
• 1-1/2" diameter dial face rotates a full 360°
• Analog scale for reversal point indication
• Meets or exceeds DIN/ISO Standards (Maximum error on 0.00005" scale at full range: 0.0004")
• 54-562-890-BT is capable of interchanging contact point lengths

Contact Point Length:1/2″