QM-SPLINE Spline software

QM-SPLINE Spline software
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QM-SPLINE Spline Software

QMSOFT is the perfect calibration and data management tool for Fowler's electronic calibration instruments such as the Horizon, Labconcept and THV.

The QMSOFT (Quality Management Software) system is a turn-key calibration package that enables the monitoring of a company's complete range of measuring and inspection equipment. To do this, QMSOFT uses a number of special modules which allow not only the management, but also the controlled measurement of gages.

• Gage management and gage inspection are integrated into the system with equal importance
• Specially developed modules make it possible for the calibration of all common gages using any national, international or user defined standard. It is therefore not necessary to define an inspection procedure for each gage type.
• Extensive support for directly connected measuring devices including Trimos & Sylvac calibration instruments
• All normal sizes and tolerances for gages are calculated by the program
• Inspection certificates may be customized for individual presentation using the built in word processor
• Each module can be used as a stand-alone component