Surface Gage with 9" spindle

Surface Gage with 9" spindle
SKU: 521550100


Fowler Surface Gage a popular tool for layout, transfer and measurement work. The base of Fowler's Surface Gage is hardened throughout and features a V-groove for use on round shafts or flat surfaces.

• Fine adjustments may be obtained for quick and accurate settings with the knurled thumb screw.

• Spindles are available in 4", 7", 9" and 12" lengths.

• Retractable pins in base for work on flat surfaces.

• A V-groove is incorporated in the ground steel base for mounting on round work.

• Fine adjustment of the spindle may be made to any angle above or below the base.

• The scriber head also features a spring control.

• Double-ended scriber included.

• Base is fully hardened throughout.

• Available in standard size and mini-model version.

• Clamp can also hold test indicator stems.


• 9″ spindle
• Height: 1.100″
• Width: 2.50″
• Length: 3.80″