Mini-Vertical Electronic Height Gage with cast iron base

Mini-Vertical Electronic Height Gage with cast iron base
SKU: 541802120

Fowler Mini-Vertical Series II, a self-contained height measuring and scribing instrument, now with direct RS232 output and resolution of 0.00005"/0.001mm. The new generation Mini-Vert uses the same accessories as its predecessor.



• Zero setting at any position
• Input of preset values and recall
• Setting and display of tolerance limits. Min/Max/Tir modes
• Hold display function
• Inch/Metric selection
• Two reference datums (Ref. I/Ref. II)
• Accurate and positive measurements
• Measuring pressure approx. 3N
• Bidirectional data output
• Maximum displacement velocity of measuring carriage 40"/sec. (1m/sec.)
• Power supply: 3 V lithium battery (1) #CR 2032
• Robust design for harsh environments

Standard Equipment
Each unit includes:
• Main probe holder 5.9"(150mm)
• One ball probe 8mm diameter
• Protection cover
• Instruction manual
• Test and guarantee certificate


Accuracy over full range (maximum error):0.0008″/0.02mm
Weight:13.7 lbs