0-25mm Outside Metric Micrometer

0-25mm Outside Metric Micrometer
SKU: 522480011


Series No. 52-248 offers Fowler standards of fine quality and accuracy. A variety of sizes covers a range of measuring applications.

• Hammertone blue baked enamel finish
• Microfine graduations on satin chrome finish and carbide tipped measuring faces
• Friction stop thimble for exact and repetitive readings
• Flatness: .00076mm
• Parallelism: .000125mm for 0-25mm
• Spindle thread is hardened, ground and lapped
• Anvil & spindle hardened and precision ground with microlap finish on tips
• All micrometers meet or exceed U.S. Federal specifications for accuracy
• Includes a wrench and case


Graduation: 0.01mm
Accuracy: 0.004mm
Flatness: 0.00076mm