0-25mm Digit Counter Outside Micrometer

0-25mm Digit Counter Outside Micrometer
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Featuring clear, easy to read numbers on a digital counter, Fowler's digit counter micrometers are an economical, fast and easy-to-use addition to the machinist's toolchest, the shop floor or in the QC area.

• Hammertone grey baked enamel frame with heat insulated frames.
• Microfine graduations on satin chrome.
• Ratchet thimble.
• Anvil and spindle hardened and precision ground with microlap finish on carbide tipped measuring faces.
• Spindle thread is hardened, ground and lapped.
• Diameter of measuring faces is 2.56"
• Digital counter reads to 0.1mm with .01mm on vernier.
• Quick, easy zero adjustment on sleeve.
• Positive locking nut on spindle.
• Graduation: .01mm
• Accuracy: ± .004mm
• Parallelism: .00005" for 0-1"
• Flatness: .00003"

• Standard included
• Includes wrench and case


Graduation: 0.01mm
Accuracy:± 0.004mm